Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Baths

He was short, dark haired with a thin moustache. His chest showed only thin traces of hair from the navel to the top of the towel. His face was round, almost cherubic and he smiled as we passed each other in the dark hallway. We passed each other several times, our eyes meeting, looking, waiting. I circled back again, but he was not in sight. As I continued down the hall, I passed an open door. The halls were dark, the room light was dim, but there was no mistaking who was in there.

He lay there stroking his cock slowly. He watched me watching him. Our eyes met again. He said nothing, but those eyes appealed to me to enter. I closed the door behind me, sat on the bed and began stroking his legs. He continued to stroke his cock as I massaged his legs. My hands slowly worked their way upward as I continued to massage. He stopped stroking his cock and lay there enjoying the attention my hands were giving him.

I passed over his cock and began to massage his shoulders and chest. He started to moan as I touched my tongue to one of his nipples while I massaged the other. I shifted my sucking to the other nipple and it hardened immediately. He pulled me up and we kissed - long and deep. Our tongues explored each other's mouths, our lips never parting as he pulled my body up onto the bed to lay alongside him.

We lay there, embracing for what seemed like an eternity - still kissing. He rolled me over onto my back and began to massage me. Starting with my ears, he took my ear lobes and rubbed them between his fingers. He continued massaging my face, rubbing my forehead, eyes, cheeks - softly, gently, lovingly. He continued down, to my chest and finally, he reached my cock, which he sucked into his mouth and bathed with his tongue.

As he sucked on me, I could see that he had again began to stroke himself, and looked up at me with those intense eyes. He moved his body forward, till his ass was positioned over my cock. He lowered himself down on me and began to slowly move back and forth with me deep inside his tight hole. I removed his hand from his cock, and slowly massaged the head which was covered with precum.

As he increased the tempo of his movement, I could feel the stirrings of ecstasy approaching. We were both breathing heavily. I was about to come and could feel him flexing his ass muscles as he began to rise and descend over me. As my moans grew louder, he picked up speed and began to spurt gobs of his milky fluid all over my chest. The sight of these lakes of cum brought me to an unbelievable climax.

At first, I thought it would never end, then I wished it would continue forever. He continued to ride me, even though I had stopped pumping. My still hard cock enjoying the tight confines of his ass. He slowed down and then raised himself off of me and began to clean his cum from my chest. When he was done, he began to suck my cock again, cleaning and tonguing around it.

He began to suck my balls into his mouth and spread my legs apart to make it easier to get at them. He kept going lower and began to raise my legs into the air. Further and further he went till his tongue reached my puckered hole. I knew what this would lead to and I wanted it - bad. I turned over, and he continued his tongue assault on my hot ass.

After a few more minutes, a single finger was inserted to test how relaxed I was. It slid in easily and began to massage my insides, causing my rock hard cock to begin oozing again. He removed his finger and resumed his sucking, reaching into me with his tongue. As he went deeper, he began to raise my ass higher. I turned to look at him and our eyes met. He knew what I wanted....

He raised himself up and easily inserted his cock into my waiting hole. I came almost instantly, pumping wildly without even touching myself. He continued to fuck me and enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed him being in me. Coming twice was unusual for me, but amazingly enough, I was still hard, and felt that I may even come again. As he continued plunging into me, he reached around and began to stroke my cock with one hand and my balls with the other. I began to moan as he picked up speed, shoving in and pulling out, pushing deeper each time.

As I felt I was near again, I reached around and pulled him deeper into me. I shot and hit the wall five feet away as he began to pump his come deep into my ass. I could feel his cock pulsing as I came, pumping deep. We both fell forward, his cock still inside of me, still exciting me. After a few minutes, he pulled out and lay down next to me. We held each other and fell asleep. I was awaken by his kiss. He started to massage my cock again, but I knew that now, it was fruitless.

We showered together, soaping and cleaning each other. We each went to our rooms to dress, and when I came out, he was gone. We met again several months later, but that's for another story.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My First Personal Experience

What of the handome blond muscle kid that stopped at the rental videos booth to watch me jack off. He stood there looking like Mr. America. and so boyish in his hair. I loved jacking infront of him. I seldom get hard in front of guys but I had a good hard with him watching. He acted as if he didn't watch at all. I asked if he wanted to see my ass. He nodded yes. I dropped my pants and stood jacking with my ass facing him. I hope he looked at it good and got a hard of his own.

He probably did. He probably wanted to suck my cock also. But he just stood there acting like he was watching the movie. He is so handsome. I saw him at Chevron on hot day and he was dirty, construction worker in tank and shorts looking so macho. Of course he didn't act like he saw me. I said lets share a movie. Later he said, Why don't we share that movie? I got one fast. I sat and dropped my pants again as he stood near the door watching the movie. I had promised I wouldn't touch. Mistake. He opened his fly and stuck his hand inside and rubbed his cock. It may be small because I couldn't see it at all and h wasn't going to show it. He never really dropped his pants but I could see the clean blond curve of his ass and that turned me on. It was great to be alone in the booth with him. I would have loved raping him. Maybe he would have let me and maybe he would of hit me. I did reach for his cock a couple of times and he just buttoned up without looking. He shook his head. I had a good time exibiting in front of him. No one ever wanted to see me do that before.

My hard was constant and felt great. I don't think I came. I would have loved and not been surprised if he would suddenly grab me, push me down on the seat and hold me back as he took my cock into his mouth and sucked the helloutof it. He was shorter than me by 4" but his body was very powerful. I was no challenge. Then he probablywould have turned me around, roughly, and stuck his cock in my ass and fucked me. Before he did that he pushed me facing the wall and got down and licked my ass, sticking his finger in and then holding me tight to the wall lightly pulled on my balls while he furrowed my ass, the whole crack with his tongue then tongue fucked me, then stuck his nose in my asshole and took my balls inhis mouth. Then he stood up on the seat and pulled my ass to him,sqatted down and stuck his cock into me with his big blond hairy legs hugging my ass on the sides.

He would have fucked me a long time then before he came he lay on my back with his cock still reaming me and played with my cock and felt and squeezed my tits like he was fucking some woman. As he lay on my back, I could hear his pants in my ear as he fucked. Then when he cumms panting in my ear, rough breathing in my ear and licking my neck at the same time He lets all his weight lay on me and still keeps his cock moving ever so slowly into my gut. He remains hard for some time before he finally pulls out. Then he sits on the seat, turns me to face him and pulls me down on his lap, squeezes me with his arms and pulls my mouth down to his and almost sucks my tongue right out of my head. He is really very pass ionate. He then makes me stand and he sucks my cock again and I feel like he is a calf taking its first milk, he sucks so hard and hugs my legs and ass while he does it. I love it. He twirls his tongue around my cock and it gets really hard Then he ru ns his hand up my inner thigh and sticks his finger in my asshole as he sucks me. I get closer and closer feeling like I'm going to black out when I cum. He feels my urgency and goes at my cock stronger, hollow cheeks and all. I look at him, he is staring up at me, his blue & whites of his tender young eyes watching me carefully, urgently.

He is noisey breathing with passion thru his nose. I don't get sucked often. He near raped me pulling on my cock so hard and taking my jizz. I near collapse over him as I cum in his mouth and feel his tongue sweeping back and forth under side of my cock head. I lose strength and wrap my arms around his head to hold on as he takes it in his mouth. When I look down, he has his cock out again now, jagging himself while he continuues sucking me. I love it. I can feel the muscles in his neck and shoulders as he pumps his head back and forth. I can hear a deep breath then I can even hear him swallow my cum three times. Amazing to see this young blond, looking at me while his nose is buried in my cock hair, saliva and cum circling his mouth and lips as he tries to totally take my cum. His suction is so urgent it feels as if he doesn't ever want to let go, he belongs there. I'm so weak. He lets my cock drop after he has it all cleaned up and swallowed and leans back , eyes closed . I lean over him and lick my cum off his mouth and I start to sit, he moves fast to the seat, lays his head on it and says, Sit on my face! I'm helpless to do anything else. My body is totally extended with nerve endings and he wants to create even more. I sit on his face with my legs out holding my weight on my hands and get the greatest rim job ever.

I look down at his broad, tight chest and below and watch him jackoff as he licks me. I get hard again not believing this is me being fucked, sucked and rimmed by the handsome 24 year old American dream blond, construction worker and surfer who looked and acted so straight until he got ahold of me. He reached up and jacked me more ,then him then me, then him until he came over us both then between my legs as he rimmed my ass and jacked me more. I came again for him all over both of us. I was totally wiped out. He dressed and walked out just as normal looking as any guy you meet on the street. Except for red face and sweat. He makes you feel that you can expect his kind of fucking, sucking, rimming from any good looking young guy you ever see if you can get them alone in the dark in a private place. Wonderful fantasy. They are all available.

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